Ideal 18: Fixed Seating

At the Robie Pierce Regattas, held in Larchmont, NY by the American Yacht Club and the Larchmont Yacht Club (the two clubs alternate hosting duties each year), seats are dropped in to provide stability and support for the trimmer and driver.

The seats are mounted on a rectangular frame that is dropped into the cockpit of the boat, and held in place by both the weight of the sailors and a close fit to the cockpit itself.

The seats do not swivel or change sides, they are fixed in position on each side of the boat. Various cushions, belts and straps can be used according to each sailor’s needs.

The seats can also be used individually — that is, a seat can be added only for the trimmer, or only for the driver.

The black material at each corner of the frame hides and cushions the bolts that hold the frame together.