Ideal 18

Ideal 18

The Ideal 18 keelboat was designed by Bruce Kirby as a strict one-design, accessible to sailors of all ages, weights, skill levels and competitive backgrounds. The emphasis is on strategy, tactical skills and boat-handling, rather than tuning or special rigging. The 3/4 fractional sloop rig has no permanent or running backstays; instead, rig stability is generated by 15 degree swept spreaders and a large cross-section mast. The jib is self-tacking and roller-furling. The Ideal 18 is used in the Robie Pierce Regattas, and the boat is sold by Shumway Marine.

Steering Adaptations

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Seating Adaptations

Ideal 18: Fixed Seating

At the Robie Pierce Regattas, held in Larchmont, NY by the American Yacht Club and the Larchmont Yacht Club (the ...