J/70 Sailboat

The J/70 is a 7-meter (23-foot) sailboat designed by Alan Johnstone and first built in 2012. The boat is ramp-launchable with a lifting keel, and has a large 11-foot-long cockpit. The J/70 is built for J Boats by three builders, CCF Composites in the United States, J/Composites in Europe and J/Boats Argentina in South America. By mid-2019 the fleet worldwide is approximately 1500 boats. Read more on Wikipedia

J Boats (J/70)

J/70 International Class Association

Seating Adaptations

J/70: Crew Transfer Seat

The seat spans the cockpit, and uses the keel crane post fitting to secure and stabilize the seat, as seen in the second photo below. Note the additional cleats in the last four photos, added to the forward "wing" on each side, to bring the cleats a bit closer and ...

Other Adaptations

J/70: Stability Bar

This is Joel Ronning’s Catapult. Joel is an amputee and uses the bar to assist in moving across the boat. The adaptation was approved by the J/70 Technical Committee and Administrator as required by the Class Rules. And there's an amusing story about a challenge to its legality on Sailing ...