RS Venture Connect: Electronic Steering & Sheeting

The RS Venture Connect Power Assist Pack is a conversion kit that includes a rechargeable battery and control pack, powered captive mainsheet winch, joystick control and sip-puff headset option. The watertight, rechargeable battery pack and control box is removable for charging in the club house. IPX7 fast-fit connectors are installed throughout the system. Power reserves are more than sufficient for a full day of sailing. The standard aft port is substituted for one that carries a mounted waterproof drive that connects to the twin rudders.

A waterproof joystick controls the rudders and also enables the mainsail to be trimmed in/out. A captive winch system, enclosed in a watertight housing, operates using 3D-printed limit switches to eliminate over-sheeting and the optional sip-puff headset integrates with the system steering controls.

Additional information on the RS Sailing website