RS Venture Connect

RS Venture Connect

The RS Venture Connect SCS makes it possible for almost anyone to go sailing, bringing a new level of designed-in, engineered adaptability with simple, plug and play options including sip/puff electronic control to configure the boat for most disabilities — and change it between sessions to suit different requirements. The RS Venture Connect builds on the original RS Venture design and adds a weighted keel for stability, along with options for side-by-side seating, and electronic steering and sheeting. The boat is sailed as a two-person crewed keelboat, with an asymmetrical spinnaker and twin rudders.

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Steering Adaptations

RS Venture Connect: Electronic Steering & Sheeting

The RS Venture Connect Power Assist Pack is a conversion kit that includes a rechargeable battery and control pack, powered ...

Seating Adaptations

RS Venture Connect Seating

The RS Venture Connect can be outfitted with twin side-by-side seats. The seat mounting platform can accept custom seats, and ...