SDK Tech takes over Martin 16 Power Assist business

Steve Alvey is handing his accessible sailing technology business off to Kevin Penny and Dee Osmond in Halifax. Steve has designed and built power assist systems for the Martin 16, Sonar, and other boats for the past 20 years, and will support Kevin and Dee in their new endeavor. Check them out at

Kevin Penny and Dee Osmond

From Kevin Penny:

“Dee and I, with Steve’s support, are now the service provider and fabricator of the Mk V Power Assist System under the new name of SDK Technologies. We’ve been training with Steve and have set up our workshop in Halifax and are ready to go. As a user, I am excited for this opportunity and look forward to working with individuals and clubs around the globe. I am also excited to work with Dee as she has interest and experience with assistive technology, has been working closely with Steve, and has now become an expert in the fabrication and servicing of the Mk V Power Assist System. We’re here to keep your systems in top condition and provide training and support for you and your summer staff and volunteers.”